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Here is a letter from someone who knows the character of the old owners:


I worked for Sans Pizzeria 2006/2007 as an assistant manager, I stopped working there because I was fired soon after I told them I was owed overtime that they were not paying me. After I was retaliatory fired, I took them to court, and won. I have not really even looked them up (I ended up with a MUCH better job that took me out of food service). But, bored this morning before work I was futzing around on the internet and figured I would look it up and see if they had re-opened (I heard later on that they had closed from family still in the area). Thank you for having such a great site put up! I can tell you that the issues that were there are completely true, the owner was a horrible person who used that place more for his own marketing for his wives career than an actual business and was consistently rude to customers. My own family would not even order/eat from there while I worked there because it was so over-priced for OK (at best) food.

I wish you luck in your re-opening! And I hope that everything works out well for you.

This was an email from an angry customer of the new pizza place the original owners of San's opened. Here it is, as written, for your enjoyment-

Subject: Pizza Employee / Negative and should be Fired

Good afternoon,

I just got off the phone with an employee who is difficult every time I call
in to make an order. I spoke to this guy before and I was so frustrated I
hung up. This time I was told I would be charged for extra croutons and
salad dressing, which I am never charged for or at least they don't sit on
the phone and discussing why employees aren't doing there jobs by not
charging me.

I am a good customer and when I order from other employees I am off the
phone within a few minutes, with no attitude and brooklyn style nonsense, so
to speak. With my job I don't have time to sit on the phone and talk about
stupid unnecessary issues on croutons and salad dressing.

Now, I don't trust to order the pizza and sides because he will spit in my

Concerned customer,

Kim S.

Love it!  

On November 1st 2008 San's Pizzeria was reluctantly closed by the owners.

Since that time we have had to face lawsuits, slanderous allegations and very recently our website was maliciously hacked by someone who targeted this site specifically.

My wife and I bought the business with good intentions. We met a lot of nice people during our brief time there. But due to certain people who were intent upon undermining us from our first day of operation we could not survive.

Now the rumors have surfaced that San's Pizzeria may open up in a new location. Be aware that it will be under different ownership. Please don't eat there. The food will not be the same, it will be very different. Expect to receive sub-par service. One of the biggest complaints we receive when we first took over were long wait times. Another was indifferent service. We worked extremely hard to correct that. We upgraded the food while we were there, so you could expect the quality to slip back to mediocre.

UPDATE! The old owners have opened at a new location and under a different name. However I will not dignify their existence by giving them a plug here. Just know that the food is horrible and expensive. I can only hope that they go out of business soon, and lose a lot of money.
I am close to a lease on a new space in Simi Valley and hope to be re-opening soon as the new San's Pizzeria. Keep an eye on this site with more details soon.


Rumor has it that the new place is not doing so well. I've heard from many sources that the food is terrible and people won't go back. They's rather eat at the Ameci's that opened down the street. Let's hope the Pizza Gods crush them.

Thanks for all the supportive and encouraging emails concerning our re-opening. We are progressing and the new lease is in the hands of my attorney for approval. I am sitting down this week with my contractor and the plans will be in place for a new exciting pizza experience.

We are rockin' and rollin' our way to a new pizza experience. You will love the new San's Pizzeria coming very soon to Simi Valley!

Sorry for the delay. The Grand Opening is drawing near. Here is a letter from an anxious pizza lover-

we can't wait for your grand re-opening!!! your pizza was the best around. i have tried all the places in simi including the new "east coast" versions but nothing comes close to your pizza or your service! what an improvement you made over the previous owners!!!!

please keep us posted about your grand re-opening! all of my friends and family will be celebrating right along side you! yippy!!! finally a good pizza and good people!

We've had delays with permits and legal stuff but we are moving forward, ever so slowly. Keep the Faith!! 

The owners of the worst pizza in Simi Valley have just recently been discharged from bankruptcy. You can only serve that slop up for so long before people take their business elsewhere.

Foreclosure is looming.



When you have the urge for pizza one of the best places I found was Topper's Pizza. On the northeast corner of Sycamore and Cochran their pizza is good and the atmosphere was fun. It is kid friendly and a nice salad bar.  The phone number is (805) 495-4444.

I'd also give Round Table a try. It is across the street from Topper's. Their menu is limited but the room is big so you could have parties in there. They also have a nice arcade room. Their pizza is good, not great but reasonably priced. They can be reached at (805) 526-7000.

If you have any recommendations, comments or any stories about the old San's please email me at info@sanspizzaonline.com. I will post the comments here. Thanks!


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